The solution we have built

  • Face Matching

    Face Matching

    Match official documents with a face within seconds.

  • Face Matching

    Face Verification

    Match faces in photos with digital images.

  • Face Matching

    Face Fraud Detection

    A secured liveness detection to guard against spoofing attacks.

  • Face Matching

    Face ID Match

    Get a reliable face match based on an matching score.

Gemini is ideal for the following industries

  • Telecom


    Ensure the identity of a person for online contract signing.

  • Finance


    Identitiy check as part of your KYC process.

  • Sport & Entertainment

    Sport & Entertainment

    Gemini helps to identifiy person of interests and matches against blacklists.

  • Reliable

    Gemini provides reliable identity verification within seconds.

  • Software as a Service

    Every single request is routed through HTTPS. The software is developed in Switzerland.

  • Secure

    The solution scales. No matter how many transactions, the system scales with the demand.

  • Scalable

    The Gemini API can be integrated in any application as a cloud service or on premise.

  • No additional Hardware

    Gemini works with just a browser and a webcam or a smartphone. Nothing else is needed.

  • For Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

    Gemini works on any device with a web browser that has access to the camera.

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