The solution we have built

  • Deep Web Crawler

    Most of the information on the Internet is hidden in the Deep Web. Virgo helps to collect and evaluate this information.

  • Geo Fencing

    The readout of data can be precisely limited. This allows data to be collected explicitly from geographical regions only.

  • Normalising Data

    Found information is automatically translated and classified. This makes the access and evaluation of the data very easy and fast.

  • Video Analysis

    Virgo even searches videos and recognizes people in them. Hours of video material are thus analyzed in minutes and meaningfully classified.

Virgo is ideal for the following industries

  • Finance


    Sometimes a simple background check is not enough. That's why Virgo helps you dig deeper. The follow-the-money module makes it easy to uncover connections to people and companies.

  • Government & Law-Enforcment

    Government & Law-Enforcment

    Identifying a suspect person can be very time-consuming. Virgo helps identify people quickly with data. Connections between individuals can be quickly uncovered.

  • Social Platforms

    Information from different social platforms, in multiple languages.

  • Realtime Search

    A real time search in international news sites and platforms.

  • Mining personal data

    Virgo mines for images of people.

  • Video Analysis

    Mining for people in online footage..

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